Sensual massage thrives in warmth and privacy. Once you arrive at my private apartment, I will greet you with a kiss on the cheek and charming smile. I will create an ambiance of blissful relaxation and seductive charm by dressing the bedroom with incense and scented candles.
To arouse the auditory senses, some exotic, gentle music will quietly play; soothing and hypnotizing you into a state of inner calm.
I will entice you to succumb to a state of exhilaration and complete relaxation by massaging your torso passionately, gracefully and artistically. With a potent concoction of rhythmic body to body massage techniques – firm pressure to ease that tension, intricate tender touch and soothing strokes, I will take you on a journey of pure and utter bliss, culminating with an explosion of complete rapture and elation.
Breathe in the rich aroma of the pure natural oil as I massage it into every pore of your skin. Explore the sensations that ripple right to the very core of your body and allow yourself to enter a realm of deep relaxation.
Simply relax and indulge in this profoundly exotic full body massage, which you so richly deserve.
£60/30 min
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